What’s the difference between automatic dividend reinvestment and SCRIP?

The automatic dividend reinvestment (ADR) service allows you to re-invest any cash dividends received from eligible UK equities back into the issuing company. The ADR service can’t be specified for individual holdings; it is applied to all holdings across your account. Please also note ADR will only take place if a SCRIP option isn’t available.

A SCRIP dividend is a portion of corporate earnings paid out to shareholders with the issue of new shares in lieu of a cash dividend. This option would be chosen by you at the account opening stage and will be applied to all optional SCRIP dividends.

As part of MiFID II regulations, we need you to confirm your nationality details. If you don’t confirm these by 29 December 2017 we won’t be able to carry out any ADR instructions on your behalf. SCRIP remains unaffected by this.

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