How do I pay my Smart Investor fees?

The easiest way to pay your fees is via Direct Debit. If you already have a nominated bank account in place, you can set-up a Direct Debit online by following the steps below:

Transferring your investments can seem daunting, but when you invest with us, you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by a Smart Investor account. These include transparent and straightforward fees, a cutting edge user-friendly platform and access to essential tools and resources. The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change and their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances. Before transferring your investments, find out about any charges, exit penalties, benefits you may lose or investments that you can’t transfer to us.

  • Log in to your Smart Investor account
  • Click on MyHub and Investment settings under Quick links
  • Select “Bank Details” and click the “Set up Direct Debit” button
  • Follow the prompts
  • Select ‘Regular Fees’ from the left-hand menu. Then you can elect to pay by Direct Debit using the buttons on this screen.

It normally takes around 10 days for a Direct Debit to be set-up with your bank. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for this before your first fees are due. The bank account you choose when a Direct Debit is set-up will also be your nominated bank account for Smart Investor.

If you’re setting up a Direct Debit from a bank account held with another bank, we’ll need to verify this – please contact us and we’ll explain how to do this. You can choose to set-up a Direct Debit online but you must have a nominated bank account already in place.

Other ways to pay your fees

  1. By debit card online via the ‘pending fees’ section on the website
  2. Directly from cash in your Smart Investor account (this could mean the sale of some of your holdings if there’s insufficient cash in your investment account to cover your fees).

What happens if I don’t pay my fees on time?

If your fees aren’t settled on the due date, we'll send you a reminder and start preparing to sell sufficient units to cover this amount (we’ll use the last sellable investment that you purchased).

When will I be charged my monthly fee?

Your monthly fee date is based on the date you became a Smart Investor customer.

For example, if you became a customer on 5 November, your first fee will be on 5 December. It’ll then be on the 5th day of each consecutive month after that.

You’ll receive a detailed notification based on your preferred contact method before your fee is due. This will include:

  • Your customer fee amount
  • The date of collection, and
  • How we’ll collect it.

How can I view and amend fee payment settings?

You can view and amend your payment settings by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Smart Investor account and click on the ‘Investments’ tab
  2. On your ‘My hub’ page go to the drop down menu at the top right hand side of the screen, click on where you see your name
  3. Select ‘Investment Settings’, and click on ‘Regular Fees’ and you will be able to select your preference.

Can I pay my ISA fees from a nominated bank account?

Yes. You can pay your fees from a nominated bank account, an investment account, or by debit card. We'll send you an alert via your preferred contact method to notify you before your fees are due.

To set up how to pay your fees, simply log in to your account, click on 'Investment settings' and select 'Regular fees'.

Visit our Fees page for more information.