What happens to my account when I pass away?

A death must be registered within five days in England and Wales or within eight days in Scotland. This has to be done at a registry office, which will issue a death certificate. So we can protect the accounts, your next of kin will need to notify us as soon as possible. Thereafter we’ll make sure that all relevant departments within the Barclays Group are notified. We’ll let whoever deals with your affairs know which documents we need to see.

How to contact us

  • By phone on 0345 075 7070* – choose option 5 to talk to us about Smart Investor accounts
  • By visiting your local branch (you may need to make an appointment by calling Customer Services on 0345 7345 345*)
  • By filling out our online form
  • In writing to the following address:

    Barclays Service Centre
    LE87 2BB

Information about Barclays Bank accounts

If you had a joint account, we’ll amend the account name and issue new stationery. The remaining account holder can continue using the account without interruption. Regular payments, Direct Debits and standing orders on joint accounts won’t be amended or cancelled. If the regular payments need to be changed, the remaining customer will need to contact each company separately.

If the account was solely in your name and has to be closed down, where there’s money owed to us, such as overdrafts, loans or credit cards, we may take the amount from the account before we close it and release the closing balance.

More help and guidance on what you’ll need to do and how to get started.

*Call charges may apply. Please check with your service provider. To maintain a quality service we may monitor or record phone calls