What service does Smart Investor offer?

Barclays Smart Investor is an online investment platform, designed to help you make your own investment decisions so you can achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, you’ll find information and tools to help you build a diversified investment portfolio across our website.

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to execute trades and whether you want to generate income or grow your savings, you’ll find an investment account and a wide range of investment opportunities to suit your needs.

Smart Investor does not provide personal financial advice so if you’re not sure about making your own investment decisions you should seek independent advice. However if you’re new to investing and want to find out more, you can read through our principles of investing to learn the basics and help you start your journey to become a smarter investor. You can also use our readiness check tool to make sure you’re ready to start investing. If you’re unsure about anything, you should seek independent advice.

What we offer:

  • Access to essential tools and resources
  • Your investment accounts and bank accounts conveniently in one place
  • Our support team on hand to help with any questions, over the phone or through live web chat
  • Transparent fees so you can see exactly what your investments will cost you
  • You can open an account in minutes and pay nothing until you start using the service
  • It’s easy to transfer your investments to us. You can do it all online and we’ll even refund up to £500 in exit fees from your old provider.