What do I need to bring to a branch to open a student or graduate account?

In order to open a student account, you’ll need to bring 3 valid and original documents to a branch. They are:


  • Proof of your ID
    Please see the ‘Proof of ID documents’ column below
  • Proof of your address
    Please see the ‘Proof of current UK address documents’ column below
  • Proof of your student status
    This could be a student ID card (NUS and student union cards aren’t valid) or a UCAS letter (that’s less than 12 months old, showing an offer of a place on a course in the current or next academic year). If you’re living on campus or at a university-owned property and have a letter from your university that includes both your address and your university place, it can be used as both proof of address and student status. If you want to open a graduate account, you'll also need to bring in proof that you've completed your studies, such as a degree certificate
  • If you're a Higher Apprentice, you'll need to provide your apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement. To apply for an overdraft you’ll need to show evidence of your salary / income

Please note that the same document can’t be used as both proof of ID and proof of address.

If you can’t provide these documents, you can still call us onto talk about other options that may be available.


Proof of ID documents Proof of current UK address documents

Full passport

Full UK driving licence

National identity photocard1

Letter/bill from utility company (less than 3 months old, except for water bills, which must relate to the current charging period). The letter/bill must confirm that you receive a service from the company and can’t be printed off the internet. Mobile phone bills are not accepted

Full UK driving licence

Private Tenancy Agreement (must relate to residential address and be current)

A full UK or foreign photocard driving licence

Council Tax exemption certificate from local authority (less than 12 months old)

UK Armed Forces ID card

UK or foreign bank/credit card statement (less than 3 months old and not printed from the internet). Store card statements aren’t  accepted