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  • How do I make a complaint?

    If you’re not happy with one of our products or services, please let us know. Here’s how.

  • How do I pay cash in at branches?

    You’ll now need either your Barclays debit card or pre-printed paying-in slip to pay cash in at our branches.

  • Goals-based investing

    Rob Smith, Head of Behavioural Finance, talks about how to create an investment plan, how to put it into motion and how to keep to it to reach your goals.

  • Savings bonds

    With our fixed-rate and flexible bonds, you can put your money away for a fixed rate of return. Here you can compare our bonds and discover how to apply.

  • 11 tips on how to start a business

    Whether you’ve been wanting to start a business for years, or just had a brilliant idea while brushing your teeth, here are 11 key things to think about.

  • Student Additions Account

    Go for the student bank account with an overdraft of up to £3,000 and cashback offers with over 180 leading retailers.

  • Business Direct team

    Whatever your plans, our Business Direct team is on-hand to help your business flourish. Just pick up the phone.

  • Gazegill Organics

    Gazegill Organics’ successful initiatives and exciting new ventures to make their farm sustainable.

  • Barclays Price Improver

    Barclays Price Improver gives you the best price available from our selected Retail Service Providers (RSPs) and trading venues every time you invest.

  • Our savings accounts

    Start savings with as little as £1 through our range of easy-access savings accounts. They allow you to both save and withdraw money with ease.

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