We’re closing our foreign currency cheque and international draft services for Barclays UK

These changes don’t apply to Barclays Corporate or Private Banking accounts.

From 25 January 2024, you’ll no longer be able to pay foreign cheques into your personal, Premier or Business Banking accounts – or make cheque payments from your foreign currency accounts.

You also won’t be able to request international drafts in our branches or online, including barclays.net. We’ll cancel any future-dated international drafts after 24 January 2024.

We’re closing these services because most international payments are now electronic, making them quicker, more convenient and more secure than cheques and drafts.

How will this affect my Barclays UK currency account?

We won’t be sending out new currency chequebooks for the following accounts:

  • Personal euro account
  • Foreign currency account
  • Wealth current account
  • Premier world account
  • Business Currency account
  • Business Currency Clients Premium Account

If you have a currency chequebook for one or more of the above accounts, you’ll need to destroy it.

Any cheques that were issued before 25 January 2024 will be valid until 25 July 2024.

How can I receive money from or send money abroad?

You can use the Barclays app*, Online Banking or Telephone Banking to send money abroad.

Find out more about making an international payment.

Before you can receive an international payment, you'll need to give the sender some details.

What you need to receive money from abroad.

* Terms and conditions apply. You must have a current account with us, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclays app.