Which branches offer the temporary debit card facility?

You can get a temporary debit card at over 150 branches. You can find their addresses and opening hours using our branch finder. If you urgently need a replacement debit card (for example, before a trip abroad) you can ask for a temporary card from these branches. Temporary cards cost £12, and will be valid for 28 days from the day of issue. There is no charge if you have a Young Person's Account or a Child's Bank Account (also known as BarclayPlus).

You can order a replacement debit card online if you’re registered for Online Banking, or by using your Barclays app. You’ll get your new debit card within five working days if you’re in the UK. It’ll take longer to arrive if we need to send your card to an overseas address.

Important information

Temporary debit card replacement terms and conditions

This service isn't available if your account has been open for less than 30 days. It’s available for replacement cards only. We can only issue replacement debit cards – not cash cards, credit cards or savings cards. Temporary cards issued in a branch will have a new card number. If you have a personalised debit card, you’ll receive a standard debit card because our branch card printers can't print images.

You can order two temporary cards at a branch every calendar year. If you’ve already reached this limit, you can order a new replacement card at the branch, and we'll send it to you by post. To protect your account, you’ll need to provide photo ID, such as a passport. We'll also ask you to enter your PIN once the card has been issued.