How can I get new chequebooks and paying-in books?

We automatically issue chequebooks when you get towards the end of your existing one. So in most cases, you shouldn’t have to order one.

However, if you do need to order a chequebook or paying-in book, you could do so in three ways;


  • Online

    To order a new chequebook or paying in-book through online  Banking; just click on either of the links below:

    Order a chequebook

    Order a paying-in book

    You can also find these links on the online banking home page, click on “View all services” at the bottom of the Service centre panel.

  • Telephony

    You can also order them through Telephone Banking (if you’re registered) on  0345 734 5345** or from your local branch. 

  • Branch

    Alternatively, you can order from your local branch.