How do I move an account to Barclays?

To switch your account to Barclays, simply complete the Barclays Current Account Switch application and choose your preferred switch date.

Our simple, stress-free switching service:


  • All your payments, both in and out (Direct Debits, standing orders, salary etc) will be moved to your Barclays account in just 7 working days
  • Your old account will close automatically on the switch date of your choosing and any money will be transferred to your new account
  • Any payments made to your old account will be redirected for 3 years (or longer if required). Please refer to the Current Account Switch Agreement for further details
  • In the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your switch, we’ll refund any interest and charges incurred on either your old or new current account, as soon as it is brought to our attention

You can apply for a Barclays Bank Account online and read more about switching to us.