How do I close my business current account?

Important information about past current account statements

When you close your current account, we’ll send you five years’ worth of paper statements – unless you tell us you don’t need them.

We have to do this because of banking regulations. If you don’t want them, just let us know when you contact us to close your account. 

If you find you do need these statements in the future, you can request them at any point, but we can only provide them from five years before the date you ask us.

If you don’t give us a preference and you don’t have another account with us that you’re keeping open, we’ll send all the statements within 10 working days of closing the account. It may be a lot of paper.

If you do have another account with us and you use Online Banking, you can see your past statements there, so we won’t send them by post.

Closing your account

By phone

If you have another account with us that you’d like to keep open and you're registered for Telephone Banking, you can call us to close the account.

Call us on 0345 605 2345 1

In branch

You’ll need to take your debit card and chequebook with you, if you have them with the account and two documents as proof of your ID and your current UK address.

By post

If you have a complex mandate, you’ll need to request your account closure by post. Please print out our business current account closure form and fill in all the details – if you don’t complete all the sections, it might take longer to close your account. It must also be signed by all authorised signatories in accordance with your bank mandate.

If the account had a debit card and chequebook, you’ll need to cut them up and return these too. 

Send the completed form, debit card and chequebook to

LE87 2BB