How a contactless payment to Transport for London (TfL) appears on your account

TfL payments usually show on your account within three days of travel. You’ll only see one charge for each day you travel because TfL add up all the journeys that day into one fare.

The daily cap for some zones is above £100. This means you can see amounts for more than £100, even though the contactless payment limit on your debit card is £100.

You’ll see the payments on your statement as '', or 'TfL Travel', followed by the type of transaction, such as 'charge/refund'.

If you don’t have enough money in your account to pay for your Transport for London (TfL) journey

If you had enough money in your account to touch in with TfL, but not enough to cover the whole cost of your journey, you’ll need to pay the outstanding amount before you can travel again.

TfL will keep trying to take the payment, including the next time you touch in. You can also pay any unpaid fares on your TfL online account (if you have one) or by calling them. 

This shouldn’t stop you from using your card with other retailers.