What do I do if I didn’t get all the money I asked for from a cash machine?

Sometimes the cash machine – at home or abroad – will correct itself and return the funds to your account within 48 hours. We have to allow the cash machine owners this amount of time to return the funds to your account before we can take action.

If this doesn’t happen, you can ask for a claim to be raised to get your money back at any branch or by calling us on 0800 400 100*+  (outside the UK, call +44 2476 842 099*+) between 7am-11pm UK time. Please make sure to contact us even if the cash machine belonged to another bank or financial institution.

It can take up to 12 working days for us to investigate your claim, but we’ll let you know how long it should take when your case is raised. If you’re successful, we’ll refund the money to your account.