Question 10 of 11 about Confirmation of Payee

How do I opt out of Confirmation of Payee?

You can’t opt out of Confirmation of Payee (CoP) when you’re making a payment to someone else. You can, however, request to opt out of your details being checked when other people try to pay you.

CoP is being introduced to improve payments between UK banks and reduce instances of fraud as well as payments going to the wrong account. To be effective, it’s essential that everyone can receive a CoP response when they make a payment. If you opt out of CoP, when a person or business tries to pay you they’ll get a message that your details can’t be checked.

If you still want to opt out of the CoP service, please print, complete and post the application form and we’ll consider your request.

If your request to opt out is successful, we’ll mark your accounts, including any joint accounts you hold (but not any accounts held by joint parties in their sole name).

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