I use the Barclays app – what happens if I get a new phone?

You’ll need to download and register the app1 on your new phone. To speed things up, you can get an activation code from the app on your old phone if you still have it:

  1. Open the app on your old phone and select ‘Help’
  2. Select ‘Register the app on a new device’ and follow the instructions

 If you don’t have your old phone, you can register with your card and PIN. Our guide on how to register for the app explains more.

Once you’ve set up the app on your new phone, you’ll need to deregister your old one:

  1. On your new phone, open the app and select ‘More’ on the home screen
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manage your devices’
  3. Select your old phone, tap ‘Remove this device’ and confirm your choice

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help.

You need to be 11 or over to use the app. Terms and conditions apply.