How long do payments take to be made in Online Banking?

When you make a payment in Online Banking, the amount of time it takes for the payment to reach the payee varies.

Payments to Barclaycard or other credit cards – the payment will leave your account immediately, but will take one working day to show on your credit card and bank statement.

Payments to Barclays accounts – these are normally reflected on your statement and the other Barclays account immediately. However, on occasion payments are delayed to allow us to carry out some extra checks, to protect your account from potentially fraudulent activity.

Payments to non-Barclays accounts – where possible, payments to other bank accounts should arrive in 2 hours. However, some payments may not arrive until the end of the following working day. Find out more about Faster Payments.

Payments to an international bank – delivery timescales and daily cut-off times vary according to the destination country and the currency being sent. You’ll be advised of these at the time you make the payment.