How do I transfer an ISA in Online Banking?

To get started, select the ‘Transfer an ISA’ option from your Online Banking menu.

You’ll need to have with you:

  • The details of your existing ISA, including the sort code and account number
  • Your National Insurance number

First, we’ll ask you whether you’re transferring a cash or investment ISA to us and whether you’re transferring from another provider or from another Barclays ISA.

You then need to choose whether you want to transfer all or part of the balance of your existing ISA.

If you’ve already paid into an ISA in the current tax year (6 April to 5 April each year), you’ll need to transfer all of the money you paid in so far this tax year. But you can choose to transfer only part of the money you’ve paid in during previous years if you want to.

Remember, if you’ve already withdrawn money you paid in previous tax years and haven’t replaced it before transferring to your new provider, it’ll count towards your annual ISA allowance when you replace it with your new provider.

Finally, we’ll ask you to confirm that the details of your transfer are correct.

And that’s it – all done.

If you’re transferring from a cash ISA you currently have with us, the transfer should take less than  two days. If the ISA you’re transferring from is one you hold with another provider, it can take up to 15 working days. For investment ISAs, the transfer can take up to 30 days.