Can I lodge shares in my ISA?

You can’t lodge shares directly into your ISA unless they come from a Save As You Earn (SAYE) Scheme.

If you receive a certificate for your Save As You Earn (SAYE) shares then it is not possible to place them directly in an ISA. The only shares that can be transferred directly into an ISA, from a SAYE scheme, are those held electronically with Global Stocks and Rewards (GSAR) where the request to transfer the shares into an ISA is within 90 days of exercising their option.

You can add share certificates to your Investment Account, sell them, pay all proceeds into the ISA – and then repurchase the shares through your ISA. This is known as Bed and ISA.

Bed & ISA can also be used for existing shares in your Investment Account that you want to move into your ISA as part of your annual allowance.