What are your banking fees and charges?

Your specific banking fees and charges will vary depending on the account and services you’re using, and may include one or several of those listed below.

You can get full information about banking charges on our rates and charges page.

Daily overdraft fees

Our daily overdraft fees depend on the type of account you have and how much you borrow, and are charged on your overdraft balance. You can quickly find out how much an overdraft could cost with our overdraft calculator or by logging in to Online Banking and selecting the overdraft link.

Emergency Borrowing

Emergency Borrowing is a service we can provide in addition to or instead of an overdraft to help you cover unexpected or emergency payments. If you have arranged an Emergency Borrowing facility, we give you a buffer of £15. If you go into your Emergency Borrowing by more than this amount, we’ll charge you an Emergency Borrowing fee of £5 per day for each day you use it.

This fee is capped at 7 days in each monthly charging period, so using your Emergency Borrowing will never cost you more than £35 per month. However, if you’ve reached the 7-day cap and you have an overdraft, you’ll be charged the highest daily fee that applies to your overdraft for the remainder of that monthly charging period.

Emergency Borrowing Representative Example (based on a Barclays Bank Account)

Emergency Borrowing of £100 used for 10 days, with an overdraft of £1200.

Fee of £5 per day, capped at 7 days giving a total of £35, plus 3 days at £1.50 giving a total of £4.50 and an overall total of £39.50

Unpaid Transaction Fees

If we refuse a payment because you don’t have the money to cover it, then we'll charge you an Unpaid Transaction Fee of £8 per day. You won’t be charged more than one Unpaid Transaction Fee in any one working day no matter how many items are returned unpaid, and no more than 4 Unpaid Transactions Fees in a monthly charging period.


Summary of Emergency Borrowing and Unpaid Transaction Fees

We’ll only charge you a single fee – whichever is the highest. So, for example, if you’ve exceeded your overdraft limit, exceeded your Emergency Borrowing limit and had a transaction returned as unpaid all on the same day, we’ll only charge you the £8 Unpaid Transaction Fee.

A summary of the charges

Barclays current account

Barclays current account with
Emergency Borrowing

Unpaid Transaction Fees

£8 per day

£8 per day

Maximum no. of Unpaid Transaction Fees per charging period

4 (£32)

4 (£32)

Emergency Borrowing daily fees


£5 per day

Maximum no. of Emergency Borrowing fees per charging period


7 (£35)

Monthly Maximum Charge



Note: There are no overdraft or Emergency Borrowing facilities available on Barclays Basic Current Accounts and our Young Persons’ Accounts, nor are these accounts subject to any Unpaid Transaction Fees.

Monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges

1. Each current account will set a monthly maximum charge for:

  • going overdrawn when you have not arranged an overdraft; or
  • going over/past your arranged overdraft limit (if you have one).

2. This cap covers any:

  • interest and fees for going over/past your arranged overdraft limit;
  • fees for each payment your bank allows despite lack of funds; and
  • fees for each payment your bank refuses due to lack of funds.

This is a standard definition of the monthly maximum charge that all banks are required to use. It doesn’t include:

  • charges for using an arranged overdraft
  • charges for additional features, e.g. the cost of packs for customising your account

Note: The monthly charging period for these fees closes two days before we issue your statement. Further details can be found online at barclays.co.uk/youroverdraft

Features Store My Pack fee

If you’re purchased a My Pack from the Features, you’ll be charged a monthly fee that’s applied to your account on the first working day of each month. For more information on My Packs, please visit My Packs.

Monthly account fees

Some of our accounts have monthly fees. These fees will be taken from your account on the first working day of each month.

When these fees are debited

To make sure you have time to cover fees, we’ll give you at least 14 days’ notice before daily overdraft fees, Emergency Borrowing and Unpaid Transaction Fees are debited from your account. Your monthly charging period always closes 2 days before the statement issue date. To change the date your charges are debited, or if you’d like some help in reducing the fees you’re paying, please contact us.

Overdrafts and Emergency Borrowing are subject to application and status and repayable on demand.