What’s the benefit of using a Global ATM Alliance cash machine, and where are they located?

We’re a member of the Global ATM Alliance, a group of banks worldwide  that have agreed to give each other’s customers a cheaper way to withdraw money in countries where they have ATMs.

You’ll still have to pay a 2.75% Non-Sterling Transaction Fee on all  cash withdrawals, but you won’t be charged the additional £1.50 withdrawal fee if you use a Global Alliance Bank ATM. Visit our section on using your debit card abroad for more information.

See the list below to find out which banks are members of the Global ATM Alliance, and the countries that have these ATMs. You can also search for an ATM at a specific overseas location, by using the Visa ATM locator.




Member Banks Countries with ATMs
Bank of America United States
BNP Paribas France, Italy
Deutsche Bank Germany, Poland, Spain, India
Scotiabank Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Carribean Islands
TEB Turkish Economy Bank Turkey
Westpac Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands