Using your Barclays debit card abroad

You can use your debit card in shops and cash machines anywhere with the Visa sign around the world.

You don’t need to tell us when you’re travelling. We check all transactions to make sure your account is protected from fraud.

We may sometimes decline a payment, but will then send you a text message to check it’s you making it.

Charges for using your Barclays debit card abroad

We'll charge you a 2.99% non-sterling transaction fee when you use your debit card to pay for something, take out cash or get a refund. 

Visa will convert payments into sterling using its exchange rate on the day it processes your transaction, which may be a different day from when you made it. 

You can find exchange rate information on the Visa website.

Making payments in sterling with your Barclays debit card when you’re abroad

You might be offered the choice to pay in sterling. If you choose to do so, you won’t have to pay the 2.99% non-sterling transaction fee. 

We recommend checking the store or cash machine’s commission charges and what exchange rate they’re using. 

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Problems using your Barclays debit card abroad

Please contact us on the telephone number on the back of your card.