How much notice do I need to give to cancel standing orders, Direct Debits and future-dated payments?

The amount of notice required depends on what type of payment you need to cancel.

To cancel a standing order or Direct Debit in Online Banking, we’ll need 1 working day’s notice before the payment is due to leave your account and this must be before 5:30pm. For example, if you want to cancel a payment that’s due on Monday, you’ll need to let us know before 5:30pm on Friday.


If you need to cancel the payment after this time, contact your branch or Telephone Banking if you’re registered on   (outside the UK dial ).

If you’re cancelling a Direct Debit, remember to notify the company you’re paying so they don’t try to take the payment from your account. 


To cancel other payments, log in to Online Banking (if you’re registered) and go to ‘Pay and transfer’ in the top menu. Select ‘Transfers, standing orders and Direct Debits' under 'Manage and track' and then follow the instructions