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  • Borrowing

    Property finance, borrowing against your investments and tailor-made lending solutions.

  • Northern Powerhouse Growth Fund

    The Northern Powerhouse is an initiative that aims to bring together cities and towns of the north of England and Wales to create an economic powerhouse.

  • Student finance, fees and costs

    Learn how to manage your finances while in university and budget for student life when you have costs and fees to pay.

  • How do I withdraw from my Barclayloan agreement?

    To withdraw your Barclayloan agreement, tell us within 14 days of receiving your confirmation letter. You’ll get 30 days to repay any balance and interest.

  • Home loans

    What are home loans? We explore how they can help you borrow money to buy a home, raise finance using your existing home, or for equity release.

  • Wealth lending

    Borrow against your financial assets and access liquid funds that’ll help you to diversify, invest or make big purchases.

  • Buy-to-let investor plans long-term growth

    Buy-to-let loans for landlords just got far more flexible. Find out how flexible loans are helping property investor Tom Regis to grow his business.

  • Wealth mortgages

    Expert finance solutions for residential property, investment property and additional borrowing – managed from start to finish by your mortgage adviser.

  • Couples finance

    Find out how to manage your money as a couple. Our advice will help you save money, stress and time.

  • Build savings plan

    Try our 7 simple steps to build a savings plan so you can get more from your money.

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