How do I close my instant cash ISA?

The way you close your ISA (individual savings account) depends on the type of account you have and whether you’ve paid into it this tax year. 

You can only pay into one cash ISA each tax year. That means, if you close a cash ISA in the same year you paid into it, you can’t pay into another one until the next tax year.

If you want to move your cash ISA to a new provider, you’ll need to ask them to arrange the transfer and you’ll need to keep the account open.

If you have other accounts with us, you can close your instant cash ISA any time for free. Please make sure your account balance is £0 by transferring all your money to another account first.

There are different ways to close your account.

In the app

  1. Open your app and go to ‘Help’
  2. Then ‘Contact us’
  3. Select ‘Message us’ or ‘Direct call’.

In Online Banking

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Go to ‘Contact us’
  3. Select ‘Message us’
  4. Or go to ‘Manage accounts’
  5. Then select ‘Close an account’.

In branch

Find us near you.

We might ask you for photo ID. Please bring your debit card and chequebook with you, if you have them.

By post

Print and fill out our account closure form If you have a joint account, all the account holders need to sign it.

If this is your only account with us, you can’t close it in Online Banking. You’ll need to do this over the phone , in person or by post.