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  • Protecting your account

    Find out how Barclays Online Banking Guarantee, PINsentry and free security software protects you and your money. Control your cards and stay safe online.

  • Welsh language policy

    We are committed to being accessible to everyone. Take a look at our Welsh language policy at Barclays.

  • Third-party access to bank accounts

    We explain the options for getting help managing your accounts, and what to do if you’ve been appointed to help someone else.

  • Protect your business from fraud

    How we help to protect your business from scams, such as CEO-impersonation fraud, and see what you can do yourself and stay digitally safe.

  • My card’s not working

    If your debit or credit card’s not working, find out why and how to fix it.

  • Barclays basic bank account

    Open a Barclays Basic Bank Account and get the no-frills benefits of online, branch and phone banking – with no overdraft and no monthly fees.

  • The Barclays app

    Barclays Mobile Banking app allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and view balances and transactions from your phone.

  • How do I close an account with you?

    If you no longer want your Barclays account, or need to close one for someone who's died, here’s how to close it, by account type.

  • Contactless payments

    For easier, faster payments upgrade your debit card to contactless. Make fully secure payments without even needing your PIN.

  • 2-Year Flexible Bond

    With a flexible bond, you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it. Explore our 2-Year Flexible Bond.

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