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  • Online tax returns

    Find out about a fast way to get a new GOV.UK log in if you’ve forgotten yours – so you’re ready for the 31 January deadline.

  • Manage your mortgage online

    Check your mortgage details, make overpayments or even switch mortgage rate online or with our banking app. Learn how to manage your mortgage online.

  • Explore Online Banking

    Online Banking lets you keep track of your money day and night. Use internet banking to check bank statements and pay bills more easily and securely.

  • Don’t get caught out with car hire

    A Barclays identity profile for GOV.UK Verify makes it easier to get your driving licence check-code online.

  • Going to uni

    We’ve got plenty of ways to help you while you’re at uni, from new accounts to cashback on essentials.

  • Accepting Card Payments with Barclaycard

    A fast and secure way for customers to pay you in person, online or by phone, with service you can rely on from Barclaycard.

  • Bank on your mobile

    Barclays Mobile Banking app allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and view balances and transactions from your phone.

  • Credit cards jargon buster

    Find credit card jargon confusing? Our simple guide will make sure you understand key industry terminology for credit cards.

  • Livestock and arable industry news

    Agribusiness trends and updates that could help you plan for the future of your farming sector business.

  • Payment methods

    Want to make contactless payments, or pay online or by cheque? With a range of ways to pay, Barclays bank accounts are easy for everyone.

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