Can I change the account I make my Barclayloan repayments from?

Yes. We can change your Direct Debit to take payments from one of your other accounts. 
However, depending on when your next payment is due, you may not be able to make the change until the following month.

If all remaining payments are made when they’re due, your loan may finish earlier, meaning you'll pay less interest.

  • Online banking

    You can change the account for your Barclayloan repayments in Online Banking.

    Log in, click on your loan and then select ‘Service my loan’. Choose ‘Make the monthly repayments to my loan from a different account’ and from here, you can either start a web chat or send us a secure message.


    Secure Message

    To send a secure message to a help team-member, select the ‘Send secure message’ button from the same section. Fill in the short form, and submit. We’ll send a secure message back once your request is completed. 

  • By phone

    You can call 0345 734 5345* to change the account you make Barclayloan repayments from. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm.

  • Branch

    You can change the account that your Barclayloan repayments are taken from at a counter in branch. 

    Find your nearest branch.