How do I pay off my mortgage?

If you’re thinking about paying your mortgage off early you can ask for a mortgage settlement amount in your Barclays app or Online Banking.

  • In your app select your mortgage from the list of accounts on the home page, then ‘Get a settlement amount’
  • In Online Banking select your mortgage, then ‘Mortgage management’ and choose ‘Get a mortgage settlement account’

We’ll ask you to choose a date and then show you an estimate of how much you’d need to pay off the mortgage on that day.

You’ll need to request a ‘Final redemption statement’ if you decide you want to pay off your mortgage. This will confirm the exact amount to fully repay your mortgage on the date you requested, including any fees – such as early repayment charge, final repayment charge and any interest due.

Have a mortgage reserve overdraft?

If you have a mortgage reserve overdraft limit and ask for a redemption statement, your limit will be capped at either £1,000 or £1,000 above what you’ve already used, whichever is lower.

Have a look at our mortgage support hub for the latest details on rate changes and how to check your early repayment charge.

Don’t have the Barclays app or Online Banking? It only takes a few minutes to register.