How long do payments from my account take to clear?

Payments can take different times to clear, depending on the account they’re going to:

  • To other Barclays accounts – the money will normally arrive immediately
  • To Barclaycard – the funds will normally arrive on the same day but won’t show on your statement until the next working day
  • To other banks – the money will normally arrive on the same day, if that bank is part of the Faster Payments service. However, some organisations may take longer to credit their customers’ accounts and there are also transaction limits. If your payment is greater than the limit, it will take longer to arrive

These times are just guides, so aren’t guaranteed.


These are payments to UK accounts that are guaranteed to arrive on the day you make them, as long as you set up the payment in branch*, by phone before 3.30pm (Business and Premier customers only) or online before 5pm.

If you set up the payment after the cut-off time, on a weekend or on a public holiday, we’ll usually send the payment the next working day.**

There’s a £25 fee for each CHAPS payment. 

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
**There might be delays if we need to speak to you about your payment before we send the money.

Daily limits for payments in Online Banking

Please note that there are overall daily limits for payments made in Online Banking, depending on what type of account you have with us. 

Find out more about daily limits