How can I log in to Online Banking without my PINsentry card reader?

If you don't have your PINsentry card reader, you can still access Online Banking.

Use Mobile PINsentry

It's included in the latest version of the Barclays app but you'll first need to have used the PINsentry card reader at least once before using the mobile version. Please note that it takes 10 days from when you registered for the app for Mobile PINsentry to be available.


Log in with your passcode and memorable word

This option is only available if you've already set up your passcode and memorable word. If you have, just follow the instructions on the Online Banking log-in page. If you’ve forgotten your passcode, you can request a new one on the log-in page.

If you haven’t set up your passcode and memorable word, you can do this in just 4 steps:

Step 1 – log in using your PINsentry card reader

Step 2 – from your homepage, select the drop-down menu under your name and click ‘Change passcode and memorable word’ under the ‘My details' menu

Step 3 – follow the on-screen instructions to set up your passcode and memorable word

Step 4 – enter your new details and save

You can find more detailed information on the Online Banking log-in page

If you need to order an additional or replacement PINsentry card reader, call the Online Banking helpdesk on 0345 600 2323*+ (outside the UK dial +44 247 684 2063*+) or visit your nearest branch.