PINsentry card reader lost, stolen or not working

Lost or stolen PINsentry card reader

No one can use the PINsentry card reader to access your accounts in Online Banking without your card and PIN.

Have you tried Mobile PINsentry? If you’re registered for our app, you can use Mobile PINsentry instead.

If you prefer, you can order a new card reader.

PINsentry card reader not working

If your card won’t turn on or the characters aren’t displaying properly, you might need to change the batteries.

They should last for between five to seven years, or between two to three years for audio readers.

You can change the batteries by:

  1. Using a small screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover from the back of the reader
  2. Inserting four new batteries (LR44 1.5V).

You can still log in to Online Banking without a card reader if you can’t change the batteries.

Return a broken PINsentry card reader

You can send it to us by post to:

PINsentry Return
PO Box 555

You can also take it to your local electricals recycling point – find out if there’s one near you with the ‘Recycle your electricals’ locator.

Why is it important to recycle old electrical equipment?

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has materials, parts and substances that can be dangerous to the environment and harmful to your health if not properly disposed of.

Items that need to be recycled safely will have a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on them.