PINsentry for Online Banking

PINsentry gives you an eight-number code that you can use to log in to Online Banking or authenticate certain transactions.  

There are two types:

  • Mobile PINsentry – you can use this in the Barclays app, and you don’t need a card reader or your debit card. You’ll need to register for our app, if you don’t already have it
  • PINsentry card reader – this is a device you use with your debit card to get the code.

We can also send you an audio accessible card reader, if needed.  

If you don't have a Chip & PIN debit card, we'll send you an authentication card when you register for Online Banking.

Find out more about PINsentry or audio accessible PINsentry.


Using PINsentry

When you use it to log in to Online Banking, you’ll be able to:
  • Pay someone new or a company whose details aren’t on our system
  • Make international payments
  • Change your details
  • Set up and manage your regular payments
  • Share your data through Open Banking.


Getting PINsentry

To get it, log in to Online Banking as usual then:

  1. Go to ‘Manage accounts’
  2. Select ‘View all online services’
  3. Choose ‘Order’
  4. Then ‘Upgrade to PINsentry’.