What is Mobile PINsentry and how is it different from the PINsentry card reader?

Mobile PINsentry is a feature of the Barclays app that enables you to log in to Online Banking without having to carry around a card reader or use your debit card.

If you use PINsentry, you’ll always need a PINsentry card reader and your debit card to log in to Online Banking.


Mobile PINsentry gives you the same access to Online Banking as PINsentry. You can use it so long as you’re registered for Online Banking and are already using PINsentry. If you’re not, you can upgrade to PINsentry.

Watch our video to find out how to use Mobile PINsentry:

Please note that although Mobile PINsentry is a feature of the Barclays app, it’s only designed for use with Barclays Online Banking. There are currently no functions within the Barclays app that require PINsentry authentication. Once you’ve registered for the app, it can take up to 10 days for Mobile PINsentry to show up in your app.