Children's Regular Saver

Save up to £1,200 for your child in a year

With this account, you can set aside money every month for your little one – and have access to your savings if you need it.

  • 3.50% AER/3.45% gross per year1 for months with no withdrawals
  • 1.51% AER/1.50% gross per year1 for months with withdrawals
  • You’ll have instant access to your money
  • Save from £5 to £100 per month by standing order for a 12-month term

Summary box

Account name
Children’s Regular Saver - Issue 1.

What is the interest rate?
Effective from 12 November 2012. 


Gross rate per year % 


Higher interest rate is paid when no payments have been made out of the account since interest was last paid into the account   



Lower interest rate is paid when one or more payments have been made out of the account since interest was last paid into the account



Interest is calculated daily using your statement balance and is paid on the first working day of each month

Can Barclays change the interest rate?

No, the rates are fixed for the 12-month term.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £100 deposit per month?



This is where no payments are made out of the account for the whole 12-month term

This is where payments are made out of the account every month of the 12-month term

How do I open and manage my account?

You can open an account in branch. Please see the ‘How to apply’ section below for more details.

You can manage your account in branch, or using Online Banking, the Barclays app or Telephone Banking – provided you’re registered2.

You can make monthly deposits of at least £5, but not more than £100.

A maximum deposit of £1,200 over the 12 month-term can be made to the account3.


To apply for this account, you must

  • Be at least 18 to save on a regular basis for the benefit of a child under 16. The parent, guardian or other adult operates the account as trustee for the child
  • Be resident in the UK
  • Have the account in your name only

Can I withdraw money?

Yes, you’ll have instant access. The lower interest rate is paid where one or more payments have been made out of the account since interest was last paid in. At the end of the 12-month term, Children’s Regular Saver - Issue 1 accounts convert to the children's instant savings account that’s available at the time. We’ll confirm these details with you at the time your Children’s Regular Saver - Issue 1 account converts.

Additional information

If the total deposited into your account over the 12-month term exceeds £1,200, no interest will be paid on the excess amount deposit.

Subject to the terms and conditions, we reserve the right to withdraw the Children’s Regular Saver from our range of products at any time.

Terms and conditions 

Download our Children’s Regular Saver terms and conditions [PDF, 236KB] for additional information.

How to apply

You can apply for this account in branch – please bring your child's birth certificate with you. If you're new to Barclays, you’ll also need to provide proof of ID and your address.

Apply in branch

Here you can find your nearest branch – simply search by address, town or postcode.

If you’re an adult aged 18 or over and you’d like to open a Children's Regular Saver for a child younger than 16, you can use Video Banking. You’ll need to bank with us already, have the Barclays app and the Barclays Video Banking app, and have your child's birth certificate to hand. Learn more about Video Banking.

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